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Smile-makers of the Moment

I feel like things have been a little (unintentionally!) dreary and serious on here lately. So, let’s start a new recurring list of things that currently brighten my days!

  1. Lemongrass + Bergamot diffuser blend

    eos.jpgI am in LOVE with the smell of Lemongrass lately. It feels so fresh and summery and uplifting. Definitely a keeper! (Also, I feel a longer post on how much I love EOs coming soon!)

  2. My Mother’s Day necklace

    necklace.jpgI already mentioned this necklace once but it is worth another visit. Yes, I did send the EXACT thing I wanted to my husband but he still pulled it off. All of Rakstar Designs things are so pretty and high on my “remember you must not buy all things at one time” list. You can find the Etsy shop here.

  3. Netflix’s Evil Genius

    We’ve already binged the whole thing, but I could watch it again and again. Yes, the main thrust behind pushing play was that we are Erie residents (though this particular event happened before I moved to Erie) it really does suck you in. The documentary is really well made but can be a little much at points (no one needs to actually see the collar bomb detonate, movie makers)  And being able to spot familiar places on something “famous” is always a plus.

  4. These sandals

    Sanrah Wedge SandalYes, they are Crocs. Yes, they are pretty much glorified flip flops, but for this pregnant swollen-footed Momma, they are currently a saving grace. Just dressy enough to wear to work and comfortable enough to endure the entire day. I can guarantee I will get my moment out of these babies.

  5. Mango Bubly

    I love sparkling water. And, I definitely loved it before it was cool #hipster. I used to only go for the generic unflavored cans from the grocery store until I discovered a couple flavors of La Croix that weren’t too sweet, mango being one of them. I picked up a case of Bubly due to the lower price this week and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Bubbles, here I come!

  6. Made for This: The Catholic Mom’s Guide to Birth

    I am going pretty slow and steady on this book since I’m STILL supposed to be working on my thesis (like, at this very moment, I should probably be writing), but I’m finding it to be so empowering. With Vivi, I definitely was a little scared of giving birth since I had never done it before. But, now that I’m a veteran, I like the idea of feeling more control and connected to the experience. And I’m definitely wanting to have a more intentionally spiritual experience with Gianna, but we shall see. Overall, it’s a great read and definitely helping me get ready for September.

  7. Bump Boxes


    I’m a subscription box addict. I think I just really like 1) getting mail and 2) being surprised by what’s in that mail. I originally ordered this for my sister-in-law as a baby present but was then surprised with my own box by my mom a couple months later (Thanks, Causie!) I’ve received two so far and they are so fun! I’m currently loving the sonogram frame that came in my latest pack.

  8. This water bottle (hydration is key!)

         I’ve had this for a couple months and am still in love. It’s the perfect size to carry around all day and make sure baby and I are getting plenty of water. I also really wanted a glass water bottle to escape those nasty plastic bottles I’ve been dragging around for a while and so I could also add some yummy oils to my water (lemon water is my non-bubbly jam)

  9. Guilty pleasure Youtube videos

    I gave up Youtube for Lent this year and it was very eye-opening to discover how much time I spend on the site. In particular, I love makeup/lifestyle videos, which is so not me. But we have guilty pleasures for a reason, right?  In fact, I found myself missing Dani from Coffee Break with Dani while I was away (Happy 5th anniversary, btw!) So catching up with all my online video friends has been quite fun!

  10. Podcasts

    I couldn’t pick just one here. I love all of the podcasts that I currently subscribe to and am always looking for more. They are great to listen to while I work around the house or in my very quiet office. Current faves include The Catholic Feminist, Among the Lilies, and While You Were Folding…love me some strong Catholic ladies on the airwaves!

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I think the Devil lives in my shower

There are many people and things (we just caught a mouse not long ago…yuck) that live in my house. Most of them I love. Most of them are harmless and I can deal with reasonably well. But not the one that lives in my shower.

Admittedly, I don’t clean my shower as often as I should. Any sort of cleaning that happens in the bathroom usually falls at the end of my to do list out of sheer distaste for the chore.But it isn’t the filth that accumulates on the walls and floor of the shower that gets to me. It’s the Devil that lives there.

It happens every time. Armed with spray bottles, brushes, paper towels and the thought that we cannot possibly go one more day with the shower in the state that it is in, I prepare for battle. Without fail, I get frustrated. (*spray, spray*)And angry. (*scrub,scrub,scrub*)And mean.(*SCRUB, SCRUB, SCRUB*)  I tell myself that no one else cares about the state of the house. I’m the only one who ever does anything.(*VIOLENT OUTBURST OF THROWING DIRTY PAPER TOWELS*) Every person in my life is ungrateful. I have long, drawn-out fights with my husband, who isn’t even in the house. I turn into an ugly, utterly selfish and inconsolable brat.

The feeling lasts for a while. I marvel at how beautiful our shower can actually be normally while forcing back tears of anger. I put away my cleaning supplies and find something else wrong with the house to be angry about. Eventually, my anger turns into sadness and despair and I can only focus on the negative parts of each day and of myself. Flaws abound and I convince my self of my utter worthlessness. I have the very bad habit of letting these, among other, moods force me into a black hole that takes me a while to climb out of on my own.

I hate the person that this ritual turns me into but I still haven’t found a way to avoid it besides actually letting the shower fall to pieces.

I cleaned our shower yesterday. I’m just now finding myself starting to  come out of the hole.

Lord, have mercy.


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It’s May

The weather is finally starting to tip the scales to warm. My crazy schedule is starting to lessen. One more week of Religious Education, one more college worship service. The end is in sight. The calm is in sight.

I still don’t know what I want this blog to be. But I do know that I want it to represent me in an authentic way. And I absolutely know that means random, scattered, half-thought-out ramblings. It is not the well crafted dream I have in my head…that’s me trying to be someone and something I’m not. So, I choose now to accept that and move forward in the most authentic and honest way I can.

And, it’s May today. Welcome, new month of possibilities. I greet you and I look forward to what you bring. And I hope you are kind to me because, after the year I’ve had, you feel like the calm and peaceful reward I’ve been working toward.

Let’s have May be a reset button. Let’s get down to the important things. Let’s have faith and trust in the plan. Let’s just be.