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It’s May

The weather is finally starting to tip the scales to warm. My crazy schedule is starting to lessen. One more week of Religious Education, one more college worship service. The end is in sight. The calm is in sight.

I still don’t know what I want this blog to be. But I do know that I want it to represent me in an authentic way. And I absolutely know that means random, scattered, half-thought-out ramblings. It is not the well crafted dream I have in my head…that’s me trying to be someone and something I’m not. So, I choose now to accept that and move forward in the most authentic and honest way I can.

And, it’s May today. Welcome, new month of possibilities. I greet you and I look forward to what you bring. And I hope you are kind to me because, after the year I’ve had, you feel like the calm and peaceful reward I’ve been working toward.

Let’s have May be a reset button. Let’s get down to the important things. Let’s have faith and trust in the plan. Let’s just be.

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