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Thoughts on my Fitbit (oh, hey 2017!)

I had a Fitbit once upon a time in my other life (you know, pre-home ownership, pre-marriage, pre-baby). My former employer gave them out as a way to increase wellness and challenge the coworkers, which was fun. But all good things must be given back when you change jobs.

So, I recently treated myself to an on-sale newer, fancier type. You guys, this thing is so intense now! Working my way to goals and such, I’ve had lots of strangely deep reflective thoughts on my new fitness toy.

In brief:

  • The ‘bit (look at me, trying to be hip) vibrates when I need to move more. And, you know what, I actually listen! Weird. I wish this existed for other tasks: *Do laundry!* *Get gas!* *Sleep!* *Pray!*…and I wish I responded the same way.
  • This thing tells time. So I save money on all the watches I don’t buy. But, the most frustrating thing in the world (at the moment, I’m sure something new and frustrating-er will come across my radar soon) is that there is the TINIEST but definitely noticeable delay between the time I flick my wrist and when the digital display tells me the time. I’m making a mental note to remember to tease that out for a deep theological reflection at a later date.
  • It praises me when I do good things. Like drinking my goal amount of water or taking 250+ steps in an hour. I didn’t realize how much I needed that. In fact, this morning I just said out loud (ok, it was via text but it totally still counts) that I feel very needy for recognition these days…and then I proceeded to do a Litany of Humility while pacing my office (gotta get those steps in!) You know what feels even needier though, asking for that praise. Whether it be from coworkers, friends or my husband, that is not something you will willingly find me do in any direct way but that doesn’t mean I don’t need it. It just means I’m a coward when it comes to expressing that need. Especially from God. How selfish does it seem to ask God for His time or a sign that you are the biblical “good and faithful servant”? My answer would be “about as selfish as asking my 7 month old to stop crying until my Netflix binge is over” (oh, I can’t even joke about that…it hurts my heart!)

From the desire of being: esteemed/love/extolled/honored/praised/preferred to others/consulted/approved…

Deliver me, Jesus.

Clearly I have no answers to anything above, but that doesn’t mean the Fitbit will quit asking.

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